EverSense Thermostat


The original location-sensing smart thermostat.


PROCESS /// Competitor Feature & Design Research,Contextual Inquiries, Analysis, Sketching, Beta-Testing, Iterating, Lo-Fi Prototype, Hi-Fi Prototype, Contextual Inquiries, Hi-Fi Prototype Revisions

ROLE /// Competitor Researcher, Lo-Fi Prototype Designer, Analysis & Testing, Iteration of Hi-Fi Prototypes

TOOLS /// Paper, Illustrator, Photoshop



Multi-Zone Proximity Control Technology

The most unique feature of the EverSense® thermostat is it’s Multi-Zone Proximity Control Technology™, which proved to be a little challenging for me to grasp at first, so my initial effort was to fully understand the guidelines of how the EverSense® thermostat’s unique geo-fencing technology actually worked.

I then had to figure out how I was going to visually convey this technology feature to our users in a straightforward and intuitive visual graphic, while also empowering them to control and adjust their own preferred proximity zones through a simple control mechanism of the proximity boundary.




Feature Packed Design

The overall design of the user interface of the EverSense® is that of an attractive and smart thermostat that also has several helpful and entertaining features that users would appreciate.

A few of those features include an easy to read home screen, energy tips to increase home energy use and efficiency, a dedicated streaming music player, a local weather forecast and a control hub for various other smart home devices.